Series 630 - Granite Surface Plates
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Granite Surface Plates
Series 630
  • Material: Natural granite black in colour provides stability and longevity
  • Each surface plate is shipped with a certificate of accuracy which guarantees  its accuracy
  • Granite surface plates are more common than cast iron plates  due to the positive attributes
  • Granite plate stands is not included
Grade 00
Size Code No.
400x400x100mm 630-09-9
300x300x100mm 630-10-9
450x300x100mm 630-12-9
600x450x100mm 630-14-9
600x600x130mm 630-16-9
750x500x130mm 630-18-9
1000x750x150mm 630-20-9
1000x1000x150mm 630-22-9
1500x1000x200mm 630-24-9
2000x1000x250mm 630-26-9
2000x1500x300mm 630-28-9
2000x2000x300mm 630-30-9
3000x1500x400mm 630-32-9
3000x2000x500mm 630-34-9

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