Series 182 - Snap Gauges
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Snap Gauges
Series 182
  • Dial gauge is not included and is optional, refer to 405-95-4 or 405-95-5
  • (The measuring resolution is indicative of the dial gauge)
  • 8mm diameter stem dial gauge
  • Suitable for quickly measuring dimensions of mass-produced work pieces
  • The measuring anvils are designed with a angleto allow for easy insertion of the work piece
  • Dimension of measuring face: 14x11mm
  • Warranty card, Instruction manual
Mechanical Models
Range L B Code No.
0-25mm 42mm 20mm 182-01-0
25-50mm 69mm 32.5mm 182-02-0
50-75mm 94mm 45mm 182-03-0
75-100mm 119mm 57.5mm 182-04-0
100-125mm 144mm 70mm 182-05-0
125-150mm 169mm 82.5mm 182-06-0
150-175mm 194mm 95mm 182-07-0
175-200mm 219mm 107.5mm 182-08-0
200-225mm 244mm 120mm 182-09-0
225-250mm 269mm 132.5mm 182-10-0
250-275mm 294mm 145mm 182-11-0
275-300mm 319mm 157.5mm 182-12-0

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