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EV Series 3D High Performance Manual Vision Measurement Machine

EV series has a high capability / price ratio. Auto focus and Auto zoom function as standard configures in this series. It uses high precision marbles as the machine base stand.High precision working table and 0.1um high resolution optical scales installed in the X,Y,Z axis increase the measuring accuracy to (3+L/200)um.

The power software developed by Easson allows users to output the measuring results to general CAD software such as Autocad, Mastercam and etc... or users can directly imput the DXF file to the software for comparing. The electronic system of the EV series is advanced, it uses the new multi-axial PCI counter card and light motor conyrolling card developed by Easson, in this way the controlling system very succinct. For more scientific application, an SPC statistical and analysis software is also included in the software package. Users can use the software to analysis the measuring result, in order to control the error range and result of the manufacturing. All mesuring results can be output to general office software such as word or excel. This allows users to have measurement report export directly.


X,Y,Z Measurement Travel 300x200x200mm
Overall Dimensions 120x72x160cm
Machine Weight 280kg
Repeatability 2 Micron
Max Table Load 25KG
Operation Models X Y by Manual, Z Motorized
Resolution 0.0001mm
X,Y,Z Measurement Precision (2.5+L/200)Micron
Source System Controlled by computer, USB control 4 light source
Rat Structure 00 grade granite base and mast
Lens High precision Tele-centric lens
Precision Measuring Head English RENISHAW precision touch probe    (Optional)
Magnification Optical enlarging rate 0.74-4.5x, image enlarging rate 20-125x
Vision System High resolution CCD lens (1/2'' SONY CCD sensor & special SPC)

Vision Software

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