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SPH series CNC vision measurement machine adopt bridge type structure, the measured parts will not change position when machine moving, in this way to make sure machine measuring accuracy and stability. On another hand installed with HIWIN line guider way , grinding level ball screw, and most powerful Panasonic servo motor moving system recognized by the whole industry as the most reliable system, high accuracy metal reflect type transducer from Europe, those make sure machine have powerful performance, high stability and long life.

X,Y,Z Travel (mm)                          600x800x200
Overall dimensions (cm)                          160x120x180
Machine weight                              1200 kg
Repeatability                                2 µm
Max table load                                 50kg
Operation mode Automatic CNC control, by mouse, keyboard or joystick, / Super high speed and high trusty Ethernet connect with computer
Resolution                                0.5 µm
X,Y,Z precision                         (2.5 + L/250) µm
Light Source system       software controlled 8 zone surface light,
          coaxial light and straight contour light
Structure                00 grade granite base and mast
Lens        High precision motorized Tele-centric
                         auto-zoom lens
Probe system         English RENISHAW precision touch probe
Magnification             Optical enlarging rate 0.7-4.5x,
              image enlarging rate 30-200x
Moving system   Japanese Panasonics AC servo motor & driver
Vision system   1980x1080 high resolution 1/2” industrial camera

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