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Wenzel XOrbit Series

The WENZEL XOrbit is the ideal coordinate measuring machine for when the essential elements of measurement are important and when speed and ease of operation are required. The XOrbit coordinate measuring machine offers an excellent price-performance ratio and can be equipped with multiple changeable measuring sensors. Its flexibility and suitability for a wide range of applications make the XOrbit an effective all-rounder. The consistent approach and intelligent machine concept makes it an economical entry into coordinate measuring technology. Simple measurement – simply good. CMMs of the XOrbit series are available in the accuracy classes Standard and Premium.

  • Economical to use due to a favourable price-performance ratio.
  • Emphasis on unlimited functionality from WENZEL’S decades of experience.
  • Use of granite in all axes ensures identical thermal behaviour.
  • Excellent long-term stability due to air bearing guides incorporated into the granite base plate and high-precision lapped guide surfaces.
  • Good accessibility facilitates maintenance work.

The XOrbit is the all-rounder for every field of application when it comes to measuring standard geometries and free form surfaces. The XOrbit fulfills all important roles from use in incoming goods through to final inspection. For single or serial parts – the XOrbit is universally applicable.


Type Measuring ranges Xx Yx Z (mm) Volumetric length measuring uncertainty EL,MPE (μm) Pr
     XO 55 500 x 500/700/1000 x 500 1,5 + L / 350
     XO 87            800 x 1000/ 1500 x 700 1,6 + L / 350
    XO 107           1000 x 1500 / 2000 x 700 1,8 +L / 350


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